Choosing the Right Nursery for You

Choosing the right nursery is essential in bringing to life your horticultural plans. However, with so many new nurseries now opening, how do you know where to go to get gardening products that offer value for money and a range of varieties that are going to last longer than the journey home.

Obviously the first thing you must do is use your eyes. Look at the quality of the plants on display and if you find regularly withered or diseased plants, do not go back. All nursery stock should be well cared for and look vivacious even on the hottest days.

Look for evidence of regular watering and maintenance of the plants but if you feel that trees or shrubs have been pruned or doctored to make them look healthier than they are, then this is not a nursery you can trust.

Find staff that recognise your needs

The key to the best nurseries is the team that work there. By finding staff that have a knowledge and passion about growing plants you will soon discover that this is reflected in the way they take care of their stock which results in stronger and healthier trees and shrubs that are more likely to thrive.

A good member of staff will be in a position to offer hints and tips that will not only help you find what you are looking for but can also open your eyes to new ideas and possibilities that may not have previously been considered.

Look for a nursery that has a good range of products available and that changes their stock in accordance with the time of year and the current weather conditions.

A lot of nurseries will now offer a quality guarantee where they will offer a refund or replacement plant if you buy a healthy tree or shrub that then fails to thrive when you have carried out the care instructions for the specified plant with diligence.

So take some time in considering your options and fine a nursery that is going to suit your needs and you will have a supplier that you can work with for a long time to come.