Choosing a Local Nursery

Choosing a nursery local to you will make your gardening life a whole lot easier. Not only is it usually quicker and easier to get to but can also offer a range of products and services that are deemed uneconomical by some of the larger chains.

Nursery plants

A local independent nursery will usually know the area surrounding them and the quality of the soil so that they can stock products that are going to thrive under neighbouring conditions which means you won’t be choosing plants and trees that look great on display but wither away when you get them home.

Take care, a lot of large chains have their stock dictated to them by a central office whereas local independents usually have a lot more autonomy over what they provide and are therefore more likely to have a greater variety of locally produced plants.

Buying locally sourced products is not only more environmentally beneficial, due to the lower level of carbon footprint, but can also improve the success of your products. If your plants are used to the local climate before you have even bought them, then the chances are that they will continue to do well when they are in your own garden.


Independent nurseries

An independent nursery is also more likely to be able to assist you with special requests and source unusual products, even if they are not traditionally stocked in their store. They can be better equipped to adapt to the demands of the people around them and may offer a greater range of organic and seasonal products that cannot be organised quickly enough for some of the larger chains.

When buying any range of products for your garden you should try and limit your purchases to the number you can plant in any one day. As nurseries have the facilities and the knowledge to store plants at their optimum advantage, take advantage of this and use a local nursery that you can return quickly and easily whenever you have more time for planting rather than trying to store trees and shrubs at your own home which can lead to failure before you have even started.