History of Llanfair Fire Brigade call-outs

29TH JUNE 1935

A thunder storm on Sunday evening in the uplands of LlanfairTH and Llangernyw was the worst experienced for many years, if not within living memory. The torrential rains that fell, although of only half an hour’s duration, converted the River Elwy and it’s tributary into roaring torrents. Carcasses’ of cattle and sheep were seen borne on the current, one house was struck by lightening, but the family escaped injury.

27TH JUNE 1936

A storm of great violence struck Abergele this weekend when considerable damage was caused. The house ‘Plas Elwy’ Llanfair TH was struck by lightening and the building badly damaged. A horse two sheep and two lambs were killed by lightening and streets and cellars were flooded


The call to action came at 12:45 pm the fire being reported in a large Dutch barn at Melai Farm Llanfair TH. Smoke had been observed issuing from one of several huge haystacks housed in the barn, which fronts that historic farmhouse, once the home of a “Welsh Chieftain”, and a telephone message was immediately sent summoning the Abergele Fire Brigade. The response was particularly smart, only a few minutes elapsing before Captain Richard Williams and his men were speeding to Melai Farm in their motor fire engine with Mr James Hughes at the “wheel”. Meanwhile Mr J.Carrick Pierce proceeded there with hoses in his private car and these were connected and laid down in readiness for the arrival of the firemen. The firemen worked with a will to prevent the intensely heated masses from bursting into the farm, and the operations were continued until 10 o’clock at night, the whole haystack having to be treated in the manner mentioned. It was calculated some thirty tons of hay-the yield of about thirty acres of land was involved. Had it not been for the smart efforts of the firemen the whole contents of the barn would have been destroyed.


Just before midnight on Saturday Abergele Fire Brigade were called to an outbreak of fire at Pentre Du Farm Llanfair TH, where a Dutch barn containing approx 50 tons of hay and straw, was found to be well alight. Due to the recent dry weather there was no immediate water supply available, and water for fire fighting had to carried by tenders from the River Elwy 1½ mile’s away. Water tenders for this purpose were sent from Colwyn Bay, Denbigh and Rhyl, and work continued through the night until late Sunday afternoon. Damage was confined to about 20 tons of hay, the barn and the other farm buildings being saved.


A garage and powerhouse at Plas Elwy, Llanfair TH was severely damaged by fire on Saturday night, Mr W.C. Martindale who reside at Plas Elwy, had parked his car in the garage and locked up. About 10 minutes later he found the garage ablaze. Fortunately he was able to get the car out of the garage and salvage other articles that he kept there. A 230 volt diesel generator in the garage was destroyed. The Abergele Fie Brigade dealt with the outbreak but despite all their efforts, only the walls of the garage remained standing.

15th December 1956

A disastrous fire occurred at Bedwyn Isa farm last Saturday. A three bay Dutch Barn containing 45 tons of baled hay, unthreshed corn and straw, was found alight at about 1pm.
The Abergele Fire Brigade was summoned and it was reinforced by the Colwyn Bay Fire Service. Although able to save the barn, they were unsuccessful in their effortsa to save the contents.
Colwyn Bay remained in attendance for five hours whilst the Abergele contingent did not leave until about 1am.

12th MARCH 1969

On Thursday the Abergele Fire Service were called to Dolhaiarn Farm in Llanfair to a fire in a barn in one of the meadows attached to the farm. The barn contained about two tons of baled hay which was destroyed, and damage was also caused to the roof.

6th June 1970

Firemen from Abergele and Colwyn Bay were called to Tyddyn Clefi the home of Councillor Eifion Hughes to rescue a Fresian cow which had fallen into a disused lead mine shaft, the rescue took over two hours and the Brigade were assisted by RSPCA Inspector John Rance and Mr H Horseman an Abergele Vet.

12th APRIL 1974

A four bay Dutch barn containing eighty tons of hay was completely destroyed by fire at Ysgubor Newydd Llanfair TH. Three fire tenders two from Colwyn Bay, and one from Abergele fought the blaze for several hours.
As the farm stands on a hillside the firemen , in order to obtain water were onliged to run hoses down the slope across the main road and a field to the River Elwy.