Go green, you’ll feel better!

I read somewhere that starting the morning by doing a noble deed creates positive vibes and helps you feel good. So, I thought why not contribute towards reducing carbon footprints and wake up on the greener side of the bed. Exercise and healthy eating is a part of that process. There are some simple tips that you can incorporate every morning to make it green and eco-friendly.

Incorporate some organic and environment friendly products in your everyday routine. Here are some choices that you can check out-

1. Green travel mug

Say no to disposable coffee and tea cups. Always carry a green travel mug with you. Fill it with organic beverages. It helps to save on costs, is eco-friendly and healthy too. The washable mug comes with a handle to prevent the fingers from getting burnt.

2. Organic life vitamins

If you depend on capsules for your daily dose of vitamins, then why not try the organic option. These healthier alternatives don’t contain any harmful chemicals or drugs. You will get your share of daily multi vitamins from natural products like Aloe Vera, blue-green algae, etc. Enjoy the power packed blend of nutrition from food based ingredients.

3. Organic face wash

Get rid of toxins and pollutants on your skin with organic face washes. The Cucumber & Watercress face wash replenishes minerals and vitamins even as it cleanses. The mild and moisturizing wash is made from vegetable oils. It keeps the skin soft and free from any harsh chemicals. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about chemicals polluting the environment as the foam goes down the drain.

Start healthy and stay healthy throughout the day

One of the first ways to start healthy and green is with food, but when you’re walking down the aisle at the supermarket, healthy and unhealthy foods seem to merge, even at the veggie aisle. Consider your individual needs before making the right choice between convenient fruit snacks and healthy fruit with this questionnaire.

At the supermarket, the first and easiest choice to make before you embark on your aisle roaming is to grab a couple reusable produce bags. Reusable produce bags are higher quality than environmentally-unsafe plastic bags, so it’s easier to carry more groceries with fewer bags. You can slip them onto your shoulders rather than cramp up your hands carrying a bunch of precariously-stuffed plastic bags. Of course, it’s greener to use reusable bags too.

Now that you have reusable produce bags by your side, what do you pick? Between veggies and meats or tofu for cooking, of course you need to grab something delicious and sweet, namely fruit (or at least something fruity).

  • Do you frequently forget about food in the fridge? Maybe you should stick to the pre-packaged variety of fruit. It lasts longer and it’s vaguely related to fruit. Also consider vitamin supplements with your fruit snack so you can retain plenty of nutritional value while taking the fruit-free route.
  • Trying to cut down on trash? Definitely stick to compost-friendly 100% fruits. Pop some fruit in your lunch bag purse and take your healthy lunch to work!
  • Looking for something filling to get by between meals? Fruit all the way!
  • Always in a hurry? Fruit or fruit snacks can hit the sweet spot. Fruit snacks are generally fans of on-the-go lifestyles, but fruits such as apples, bananas, grapes or pears are great too. Try to jazz it up a bit with left-of-center knife-free fruits such as Asian pears, fruit hybrids such as pluots or grapples, or any variety of berries.
  • Needing a sugar high? Fruits are sweet but fruit snacks are concentrated sugar, often listed before fruit on the ingredients list. For that fast-acting buzz, go for a fruit snack. (Quick pointer: Ingredients are listed in order of largest quantity to least.)

In either case, fruit is an important and yet easily neglected part of your diet that ought to be re-examined with enthusiasm. Shop around for your week’s food at the supermarket and don’t forget the basics; buy a Sigg lifestyle water bottle to bring to work each day to keep water conveniently in your vicinity. With fruit and water as part of your daily diet, you’re on your way to being a better you!

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