Riding camels in Morocco

Traveling to Africa might not be a welcome idea for some people. But for someone like me who embraces any kind of adventure (or misadventure), it’s a magical place. One of the most memorable countries I’ve been to is Morocco. It’s located in North Africa and remains the only African state not to be a member of the African Union. Morocco has always been known for its Islamic liberalism and openness towards the Western world. The weather is very dry and it’s extremely warm during the summer. Movie buffs would definitely know Morocco as the setting of the popular movie, Casablanca.

Boyf and I had a really grand time when we were there specifically in Tangier, a city so rich in culture and history. Boyf hired a tour guide to take us to the historic sites like Grotte D’Hircules, Mediterranean Sea, and some run down places. We also tried a couple of Moroccon dish and bought 3 kinds of curry that can only be bought from Morocco, Africa.

I had fun the most when I rode a camel. I never rode a horse before so riding a camel is quite an adventure. I was very hesitant at first but boyf convinced me that we’d be fine. Good thing the camel handlers were very professional and the camel was gentle. Mounting a
camel was quite hard and scary. When the camel began to raise its derriere, I thought I was going to slide off head first. The trick was to lean forward until the camel has completely risen. I noticed that the baby camels were loud while the older ones are quiet. Once you’ve settled comfortably, you’d realize that it’s the best way to view the red and dusty landscapes. We were laughing because at first the camel tour was just circling around one place. But when we got the hang of it, everything went smoothly.

Watch out for my other features of our trip to Africa. I have more info to dish and story to tell. Until next time. xx

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